Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH - Application interior plaster

Premixed dry mortar

Putzmeister offers a wide range of machines with which a variety of premixed dry mortars can be processed. The dry mortar is delivered to the construction site premixed in sacks or by silo and is mixed with water on site in the machine and then pumped


  • Gypsum and plaster mortars*
  • lime plaster, gauged mortar and cement facing
  • clay mortar
  • lightweight mortar

*(The S5 worm pump is not suitable for processing gypsum)

Recommended machines
Mixer pumps
S 5

Site mixes


A pumpable site mix is made from adding water to aggregate (sand), lime or cement in the horizontal pan-type mixer of the plastering machine. Once the required consistency has been reached, the material is pumped to the application site and applied using a spray gun.

Factory-mixed fresh mortar is ready-mixed together with a retarding agent to delay the setting process in a mortar or concrete plant, and transported directly to the construction site in a truck mixer . On site, the material is pumped to the application site and processed in the plastering machine.


  • Lime cement
  • Lime-cement plaster
  • Cement plaster
  • Lime-gypsum plaster

 With the P 13 KA 230 you have the possibility to deliver difficult job site mixtures with local sand ( e.g. cushed sand, dune sand, desert sand, river sand, etc) up to 8 mm grain size.

Recommended machines
SP 11
P 13 electric
P 13 diesel
S 5